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Five Timber Jewellery Ideas For Nature Lovers

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The uses of timber extend far beyond fencing and building materials. You can also use timber decoratively with small pieces like jewellery. If you love the look of wood jewellery, are allergic to metal or want more natural colours in your ensemble, here is a look at five fun types of timber jewelry: 1. Grassy Or Mossy Timber Ring If you love nature, you can always have it at hand with a grassy or mossy timber ring. Like many other timber rings, this type of ring features a thick, cool design that can be stained or painted as you wish. Along the top of the ring, a small carved out section holds preserved grass or moss. With this type of ring, you tell the world that rugged nature is just as beautiful as carefully cut diamonds.   2. Stackable Timber Rings If you love the natural look of wood but prefer fashionable statements over preserved grass, look at stackable wood rings. Made in simple shapes such as ovals, circles with flat edges and squares with circles embedded in them, these rings can be worn one at a time or together. When not on your fingers, they can be stacked or arranged decoratively. Some people also like to wear these rings on their necklaces, while others prefer necklaces with more natural pieces of timber on them. 3. Timber Chunk Necklace Imagine several authentic pieces of timber artfully arranged along a silver or gold chain. The delicate chain contrasts with the relatively thick wood pieces, but the natural detail, colouring and knots on the timber far outshine any pearls or diamonds. This vision is easily attainable with a timber chunk necklace. 4. Timber Chain Jewellery craftspeople can cut timber into ovals which are then linked together in a chainlike arrangement. You can find a long chain to slip over your neck, a timber chain made into a fashionable belt to be worn over a dress or sweater, or a bracelet. Some of these pieces are conjoined with metallic chains for clasps and finishing touches. 5. Timber Pendants Just as beautiful as semi-precious stone pendants, timber pendants come in a range of colours and styles. Enjoy any shape of pendant from a simple oval to a culturally significant shape; have it painted, stained or polished; and finally, hang it on your choice of chain, which could range from leather or hemp strings to sterling silver bead chains. You can find timber supplies for all of your projects by contacting a company like Northern Joinery And Timber Supplies Co Pty...

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What a Whirlybird Ventilator Does & How It Works

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People who live in hot climates often have to find ways to complement their air conditioning to cool their property. It can be expensive running the unit for long periods of the day, and many property owners look for ways to complement the air conditioning system, and find other ways to cool their home. Many people consider installing a whirlybird to cool their property, but this notion is incorrect, as we shall see. Let’s look at how a whirlybird actually works, as well as the conditions that a property must adhere to in order to benefit from one. It Doesn’t Actively Cool Due to the physical look of the whirlybird, many people wrongly assume that it will create cool air. This is not the case at all. A whirlybird ventilator works by drawing up any hot air in the roof cavity, and expelling it out of the property. There are no motors or any other energy source that powers the whirlybird. It is used only for properly ventilating a roof space of a house, and if the house has the airflow set up correctly, it can have a noticeable effect on the overall temperature of the property. How It Works In order for a property to benefit from the ventilating capabilities of a whirlybird, the internal flow of air in the structure must be correct. Vents are needed in the property itself, the eaves, and ceiling grilles should be present too. These vents will guide the warm air up to the cavity space, and allow the whirlybird to draw up the warm air, and replace it with cool air. If a property lacks the sufficient vents and grilles, a whirlybird will be ineffective. Use Sarking In order to get the best use out of a whirlybird, it is recommended to have sarking installed under the roof. This is a coating material, and helps to deflect the rising heat to the whirlybird. This allows the whirlybird to properly expel the hot air. In properties with no sarking, the hot air escapes before reaching the whirlybird, meaning that cool air cannot replace the hot air as it passes through the whirlybird. Sound Roof In properties that have any gaps or holes in the roof, a whirlybird is not suitable to be installed. Roofs in this condition means that the whirlybird will simply draw up the cool air from the gaps, instead of having a central location to remove and replace air. This results in poor cross ventilation, meaning the whirlybird will be ineffective in this situation. Before purchasing a whirlybird, make sure that your property will really benefit from its installation. Talk to companies like Eco Insulation for more information or...

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Accessing A Dishwasher’s Water Pump For Repairs

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As with all types of machinery, a dishwasher is prone to developing faults over time. Due to the nature of the dishwasher’s main task, it can sometimes become easy for food and other debris to clog the water pump of the dishwasher. The water pump is housed underneath the sprayer arm and ensures that enough pressure is created to achieve a good clean. This article takes a look at how to access the water pump of the dishwasher, should a repair, service or replacement part be needed. Sprayer Arm Most dishwashers have a cap that holds the sprayer arm in place inside the machine. Snap the cap off with your hands, or use a flat headed screwdriver to help you. Once the cap is off, you will be able to remove the whole sprayer arm; have an area ready to place the arm so that you do not lose any parts. Remove Housing Once the arm has been placed in a suitable place, you can start to remove the components. If you are not sure why the sprayer arm is not working, it is a good idea to lay out all of the parts separately so you can inspect them. The parts are: Sprayer arm Screen Pump housing Upper and lower impellers Spacer plate, flat plate Food cutting blade O – ring Repair Once you have removed the parts of the arm—some parts have a bolt or screw connecting the plates, you will need a hand tool to remove it—you can examine the components one by one. In some cases, food can be seen clogging the components, and in other cases, wear and tear or damage to the o-ring can be seen. Clean with warm water and mild soap, and replace worn parts as necessary. Water Pump In some other cases, a fault can develop with the actual water pump itself. If all other components of the sprayer arm seem to be in good working condition, consider taking the water pump to an electrical outlet, and have them match and replace the pump for you. This will likely fix the fault, if all else has been checked first. Fit the new part into the components of the sprayer arm, and carefully build the sprayer arm back up, the reverse of the way you disassembled it. Connect the arm back in place, and snap the cap back on. You can now run a test wash to see if the repair has been effective. For more information on water pumps, contact your supplier (such as Nambour Farm...

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Advantages Of Window Blinds Over Curtains

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There are various treatment options for your residential windows. Of these treatments, curtains and window blinds are the most commonly used in a large number of households. When choosing between different window treatment options, you need to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each option before you settle for one option over the other. The article below explores the various advantages of choosing window blinds over conventional curtains for your residential windows Window Blinds Are Easier To Clean And Maintain One of the most important considerations that needs to be made when choosing window treatment options is the level of maintenance required for your chosen treatment option. One of the main reasons why you should choose blinds over curtains is that they are easier and cheaper to maintain. For one, cleaning of window blinds does not necessarily have to involve the use of water. A damp cloth is all that’s needed to wipe blinds clean. In contrast, curtains have to be detached from the window and washed using an appropriate detergent and water. In addition to being more expensive, cleaning curtains is bound to take you much longer. Window Blinds Make It Easier To Control Entry Of Light One of the major reasons why homeowners invest in window treatments is that they would like to have control over the amount of light that gets into their houses. Window blinds often have adjustable slats. These slats allow you to tilt the blinds through various angles, thereby limiting or encouraging entry of light into your house. It is for this reason that window blinds are commonly used in photo-processing facilities where light control is of vital importance. In contrast, curtains will not allow you such control over the amount of light that penetrates through your windows. With curtains, you can only allow light in or block it completely. Window Blinds Are More Private The final reason why blinds are better than curtains is that window blinds offer a greater degree of privacy. Window blinds make it hard for those on the outside to hear and see what is happening on the other side of the blind. For example, top-down blinds on residential windows can be lowered from the top at will. This creates sufficient privacy in the room without totally blocking the entry of light. In contrast, curtains offer privacy at the expense of light because once both curtains are drawn light from the sun is completely blocked. For more information, contact a company like Aussie Blinds & Canvas Products Pty...

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3 Upgrades You Must Consider For Your Home Alarm System

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Having an alarm on your home can greatly increase its security, and is a good consideration when you have children who will be home alone. However, today’s alarm systems are much more sophisticated than ever before and offer some amazing upgrades that can enhance your home’s security, and make it easier on you to control every aspect of that security. Consider three upgrades to a home alarm system you should consider for your home. 1. Remote control and access Because smart phones and tablets keep people connected to the internet virtually all the time, you can upgrade your home alarm system to include an access system that gives you complete control over the alarm no matter where you’re located. From your phone or tablet you can ensure the doors are locked and the alarm is on; you may even be able to shut off water faucets and adjust the thermostat. This feature is a good choice for those who travel often, especially for those who might travel at the last minute and who need to ensure their home is secure. It’s also good if you tend to forget to set the alarm when leaving the house, and can also be used by parents whose children might be home alone. Parents can shut off the alarm as the children arrive and then switch it back on once those children are safely in the home. 2. Website monitoring For increased protection of your home, add website monitoring to your home alarm system. This allows you to watch your home through a private website. This type of system is different than a closed circuit television system, which means you need to watch your home’s cameras through a particular monitor. With website monitoring you can simply tune in to a private website whose URL only you know, and watch your home from any location. 3. Carbon monoxide and radon warnings Most people have smoke alarms in their home but today it’s good to be alerted to carbon monoxide and radon, as these are very dangerous substances. Your home alarm system can be wired with special sensors that monitor the air quality in your home and alert you if these substances are detected. A carbon dioxide alarm can be placed near the garage if you like to work on your car at home, so you can be alerted if you’re not getting enough ventilation. This type of warning system can keep you and your family safe from unseen and otherwise undetectable toxins. For more information, contact a company like Pro-Tect Security...

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3 Innovative Conversions For Your Basement

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For many people with a basement, this below-level space simply acts as a storage solution – as somewhere to put the things that you don’t want to throw away but you are just not sure what to do with. And while a basement can be useful for storage, why use it for this when you could convert it into a completely new room? By doing so, you will be adding another room to your house for whatever purpose you desire, and adding value to your home at the same time. If you like the idea of basement living but you are undecided as to how to convert your basement, here are a few great ideas. Wine cellar. Are you a wine connoisseur? Know a Chardonnay from a Pinot Grigio? If so, why not create a space that is totally dedicated to your love of wine? If you are really serious about not only storing your wines in their own place, but also keeping them in an optimal condition for drinking, you may even want to think about installing a system that regulates the temperature and humidity of your basement so that your wines are always perfect for drinking. The next time that you host a dinner party, you can go the extra mile by giving your guests a tour of the wine cellar. Home cinema. Cinema nights are fun for groups of friends, for the family to spend time together or even alone with a glass of wine. But the experience gets ramped up a notch or two if you actually watch a movie in high definition in your very own basement that has been converted into a home theatre. Of course, what will really set your home cinema apart is a huge screen and wonderful surround sound. And to give it a vintage feel, try to source some used velvet cinema seats. Home office. Starting your own business is always going to be a frightening thing, and it is easy to find excuses not to take the plunge. But if you convert a basement into your own home office, you will feel more motivated to really give your dream a shot. By converting a basement into a work space, you can save rent on hiring an external office space, and you won’t have to use your bedroom or living room as an office, giving you more space between your work and home life. For more information on basement living and making it a reality, contact a local...

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Why Do Skip Bin Companies Restrict The Kinds Of Trash They Collect?

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Some homeowners are irritated when skip bin hire companies advise them that they should avoid putting certain kinds of waste in skip bins. What homeowners do not realise is that there are very legitimate reasons for imposing those restrictions. This article discusses some of the key reasons for controlling the kinds of waste that homeowners can put into skip bins. Environmental Concerns There are many laws intended to prevent the dumping of potentially harmful substances into the environment. For instance, most municipalities have rules governing how asbestos (a toxic material) should be disposed of. These restrictions are meant to protect the environment from being contaminated by this material, and others like it. Skip bin companies simply emphasise existing laws on handling of hazardous materials, and that is why they restrict what you can put into skip bins. Practical Garbage Removal Considerations Skip bin hire companies also restrict the kinds of waste that you can put into the skip bins due to the physical requirements of moving different kinds of trash from your home to waste disposal areas. For instance, construction waste is generally very heavy since it contains materials like concrete. If such materials were put into a lightweight skip bin, the skip bin can easily be damaged as it is being transported since it may not be built to handle such heavy materials. It is for such practical considerations that skip bin hire companies advise their clients to order skip bins depending on the kind of waste that they would like to dispose. Troubleshooting Waste Treatment Issues Some wastes, such as chemical wastes, can react with other substances during the process of treating that waste. Some of those reactions can result in explosions or fires, such as when aerosol cans are being compressed in a metal recycling plant. It is for this reason that companies limit the kinds of wastes that can go into skip bins so that those risky reactions are avoided. They ease your work by providing different kinds of bins for different kinds of wastes so that dangerous reactions are prevented while wastes are being treated. From the discussion above, it is very clear that the restrictions imposed by skip-bin hire companies are well-intentioned. It is only fair that you understand their reasons for imposing those restrictions and do all in your power to comply so that improper waste management does not harm the environment, waste disposal staff and your own family. For more information, contact a company such as Mega...

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Which Pen Nib Size Is Best For Your Writing Needs?

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To many people, a pen is just a pen and nothing more. It is an instrument that you can use to write something down when you have that need. But, actually, if you really do love the process of writing, and you love the feeling of pen touching paper, you might want to think more carefully about the type of pen that you choose. For anybody who loves to see the ink flow out of a pen in a fluid way, a fountain pen is a great idea. But head to any discerning pen shop, and you will find that when it comes to fountain pens, one size most definitely does not fit all. The main difference comes with the size of the nib, and you will find that depending on your writing wants and needs, different nib sizes will cater to different writing needs. Here are a few pointers to get you started. Handwriting size. If you are a fan of paper that has small lines for writing on, or if you just have naturally small handwriting, a finer nib would be best for you, because this will create a finer line that is more conducive to small handwriting. If, on the other hand, you have large handwriting, and you really enjoy being bold and expressive with the marks you put on the page, a larger nib size could work better. Speed of writing and ink drying time. It can be a great pleasure to see liquid ink flow from your pen, but something to keep in mind is that when you have lots of ink on the page from using a larger nib size, it can take a while to dry. This might not be a huge issue for you if you intend to use your fountain pen to create journal entries at a slow pace, or if you can take your time writing letters. If, on the other hand, you need to take down notes with speed in a lecture hall, a thinner nib might be more suited to the purpose, as less ink will be released, and the drying time will be much faster. Calligraphy options. If you want to take your handwriting to the next level, and get a little creative with it, you can also purchase nibs that are designed specifically for calligraphy. This essentially means that with one side of the nib, you can create a thin line, and with the other side you can create a fat line, enabling you to get more creative with the way you lay out words on the page. For more information, contact a company such as Melbourne Pen...

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Why Should You Opt for a Quick-step Wooden Floor?

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Quick-step wooden floors are among the best types of laminate wood flooring. There are a number of benefits that a homeowner can enjoy if they choose to invest in a this kind of flooring. Four of these benefits are discussed in the article below. Quick-step Wooden Floors Have Great Resistance to Allergens Allergies are often a concern for homeowners when looking for the most favorable flooring option. In the context of allergies, the most ideal flooring option would be one that discourages the accumulation of bacteria, pollen grains and dust among other elements that cause allergic reactions. Quick-step laminate flooring offers an option to this problem thanks to its design. This is because standard quick-step wooden floors come with a protective outer surface which doesn’t favor growth of bacteria. It is also very easy to identify pollen and dust particles because they stand out on the surface of the floor. Quick-step Wooden Floors Have High Resistance to Sun Damage Another reason why quick-step laminate flooring would be the best choice is that these floors are not easily damaged when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. Quick-step laminate floors are able to resist sun damage thanks to the afore-mentioned protective outer layer. In this case, the protective layer makes it possible for the quick-step floor to reflect away more heat than it absorbs. Quick-step Laminate Floors Are Very Easy To Maintain Maintenance is perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing between flooring options. It would not be wise to settle for a flooring option whose maintenance needs you cannot meet. One of the best things about quick-step laminate floors is that they are very easy to maintain. First, quick-step laminate floors are resistant to a large number of household stains. You will therefore not have to spend time scrubbing away at stubborn floor stains. Typical maintenance for a quick-step laminate floor involves regular sweeping and dusting of the floor surface. Quick-step Laminate Floors Can Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Needs Installing a laminate floor can be a great way to reduce your residential heating and cooling needs. This is because there are a number of insulation options when it comes to this type of flooring. You will need to choose an appropriate underlay material which will be installed with the laminate floor so as to enjoy this convenience.   Contact quick-step timber flooring experts for further information about installation and...

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What Does Professional Cool Room Maintenance Entail?

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Commercial cold rooms are special refrigeration units that have a number of important uses in the business environment. For example, cold rooms are used for temporary as well as long-term storage of temperature sensitive products. Regular maintenance and servicing is essential if your cold room is to give optimum performance. Due to the sensitive nature of maintenance procedures, it is recommended that you hire a professional cold room service company. With that in mind, here is a look at what professional cool room maintenance entails. Regular Pressure Readings There is great importance attached to maintaining optimum temperatures whenever your cool room is functional.  A professional cool room service company should undertake pressure readings from your cold room on a regular basis. The pressure reading can be used to gauge the efficiency of the refrigeration unit. For example, pressure readings can be used to determine whether there is a blockage within the system. The reading can also be used to detect when the refrigerant is under-charged. Professional cool room maintenance should also include regular pressure control checks. Pressure controls are a defense mechanism for your cool room against the potentially hazardous effects of arbitrary changes in pressure. Pressure controls will cut off your system when the pressure is either too low or too high for efficient operation Cleaning Of Condensers And Evaporators Condensers and evaporators are vital components of the cool room refrigeration system. They act as the medium of heat exchange to and from the refrigerant in the cool room system. It is through the condensers and evaporators that your cool room is able to eliminate heat from the refrigerated space and transfer it to the cooling medium. Blockage of the condensers or evaporators in a cool room makes it harder for the system to transfer heat, thereby using more energy. This also has a negative impact on the durability of your equipment. It goes without saying that regular cleaning of evaporators and condensers should be part of the service package for any reputable cool room service company. Drainage Tests A cool room service maintenance plan would not be considered complete without regular drainage tests and subsequent cleaning. It is impossible to totally prevent accumulation of dirt and debris after actively using the cool room for a long duration. Regular drainage tests will help to prevent blockage of the cool room drainage system by helping to notice the accumulation of dirt and debris in the early stages.  For more information, contact a company such as Adgemis...

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