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Asbestos Inspection and Abatement Contractors

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Asbestos is a toxic, naturally occurring, fibrous material found in rocks and soils. Though microscopic in nature, asbestos fibers are extremely durable and resistant to fire and most chemical reactions and breakdowns. For this reason, asbestos material has been widely used in the past for various industrial applications. These include manufacture of cement compounds, floor tiles, ceiling materials and textile products.  However, Asbestos is now strictly regulated in Australia and other countries, as exposure to this toxic material poses a threat to human health and safety. Construction workers exposed to asbestos can easily inhale it due to its microscopic fibers and are at a high risk of health conditions related to this material. Buildings constructed using asbestos material pose a health hazard to the occupants in case of material damage. Since a safe level of exposure to asbestos has not yet been determined, it is important to have asbestos inspections carried out on your building by professionals. What asbestos inspection is Asbestos inspection is a process that involves inspecting material elements used in construction to check for presence of asbestos material. Inspection is carried out by state-certified asbestos consultants. If a building is suspected to contain asbestos material, samples are taken by the inspector and tested for presence of the material. The number of samples to be taken is determined by the size of the building. Samples of asbestos should be retrieved only by a professional. The mere act of disturbing the material can be hazardous and expose one to risks if not done correctly. Who needs asbestos inspection Asbestos inspection can be done on both residential and commercial buildings. It is difficult to identify asbestos since it is usually mixed with other materials. If a contractor has reason to believe that materials contain asbestos, construction should be halted and an asbestos survey carried out by an expert to ascertain or rule out this possibility. Not all buildings with require asbestos inspection. If your building materials are not damaged and won’t be disturbed through remodeling, there is no need to have inspection done. Hiring asbestos inspection experts There are many companies in Australia that offer asbestos inspection services. The size of the building and scope of the project are the major determinants of inspection cost. All asbestos inspection companies are required to have trained and licensed personnel. Inspection personnel are required to have appropriate personal protective clothing and equipment before undertaking the project. Since costs of inspection vary depending on the company, it is worth comparing before choosing one. Asbestos abatement Once inspection has been done and it is ascertained that your building has asbestos materials, measures need to be taken to prevent exposure of the material to the occupants. Asbestos abatement is carried out by licensed and qualified abatement contractors. The following are the measures that can be taken for a building that contains asbestos materials. Encapsulation- This involves sealing the exposed part or the building to prevent release of asbestos fibers to the air. The material is treated with a sealant that either binds the asbestos fibers together or coats the material so fibers are not released. Closure- This involves placing another material over the asbestos-containing material to prevent release of fibers. Removal- this is the removal of asbestos containing material from the building. It is done...

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How to Choose a Hot Water System

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When it comes to replacing your hot water heater, you need to make sure that you choose the right system for your home and to ensure that you follow any federal regulations that may be in effect. Some governments have put regulations on these purchases in an effort to lower energy consumption. You may need an expert to handle the replacement so that you are sure to get one that is compliant. However, this can be costly and if you want to take care of the issue yourself, here are a few tips to ensure that you are choosing the right one. Choices, choices, choices You will definitely find that there are a lot more choices these days when it comes to water systems. You have your traditional tank units and then you have tankless units. The tankless units have gained popularity because they only heat the water that you use so they are more energy efficient and more cost effective over time. There is also a hybrid system that uses the heat surrounding the tank to heat the water. Size It will also be important to look into the size of the unit that is coming out in comparison to the size of the one coming in. A lot of the newer units are a little bigger. If you have a tight space, you may need to create additional space for the larger unit. Be sure to leave the proper space around the unit as well. You can consult the installation guide to make sure that you are installing it properly and leaving adequate room around it. If you choose a hybrid water heater that uses the air surrounding the tank to help heat the water, it is essential that you give it enough space. Can you just get it repaired? Most of the time, the reason why your unit is not working is because the tank has corroded over time. This is the most common problem when it comes to non-functional water heaters. If this is the case, you will have to replace it. Be aware that almost anytime your unit is not working, that it will need to be replaced. The cost of the repair is usually more than a new unit itself. Plus, with the new energy regulations in a lot of states, the units are almost always replaced. You can learn more about your options by contacting companies like Affordable Hot...

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Save Money on Portable Toilet Hire With These Five Essential Tips

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If you are renting portaloos for a large event, there are ways to save money both on their cost and on possible related expenses. If you want to keep your event budget under control but also have a spot for your attendees to do their business, here are some helpful money-saving tips: 1. Ask for a bulk discount When trying to decide how many portaloos to book, keep in mind that you may be able to get a bulk discount. Talk with your portable toilet representative about ordering a few extra toilets to garner a bulk discount. 2. Book an ample number of portaloos Even if you cannot get a bulk discount, you should still make sure that you order an ample number of toilets. If you have never planned a large event before, your portaloo sales representative can help you determine how many toilets you need based on your projected attendance and the length of time of your event. By booking an ample number of portaloos, you avoid accidents and unnecessary messes from attendees who can’t make it to the toilets. You also inherently make your event more successful and thus indirectly more profitable. Imagine that if you don’t have enough portaloos, people have to spend too much time in line waiting for them, and ultimately, that can lose you money as these people are not standing in vendors lines or buying food. Ultimately, if your loo lines are too long, your attendees may not even want to return to your event next year. 3. Make sure the portaloos are disability-friendly Even though the toilets for your event are only temporary, they still have to meet national requirements for disability access. Booking portable toilets that meet the needs of the disabled doesn’t directly save you cash, but it can protect you from potential lawsuits, saving you money in the long run. 4. Offer to clean the portaloos yourself In most cases, there are a number of different fees associated with hiring a portaloo. Talk with the rental company and see what the different fees are. In many cases, you may be able to save money by not paying for certain services and taking care of those things yourself. For example, instead of paying the portaloo company to send cleaners over to service the toilets, consider doing it yourself. That can help to save cash. 5. Pay in advance The portaloo industry, like many other industries, may offer discounts if you pay for the service upfront and in cash. When booking your portable toilets, simply ask if this type of discount is available. For more tips, contact portable toilet hire...

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AC Maintenance: When to Clean the Air Ducts

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The air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to improve performance and to limit unwarranted energy consumption. Unfortunately, the ductwork in central air conditioners is rarely considered during servicing sessions since the components are concealed. It is important to remember that the ducts are responsible for supplying cool and even warm air so damage and dirt will compromise the air quality. Duct cleaning refers to the process in which the dirt, dust and other foreign substances are eliminated from the building’s ductwork. You can carry out the cleaning tasks without professional assistance but it is advisable to engage an AC cleaning company like AIRCON BY DESIGN. You will get better results and minimise the risk of injury during the task. Here are the main signs that indicate that your air conditioning ductwork needs cleaning. Mould Growth The presence of mould in the air ducts is detrimental to the indoor air quality and even respiratory health. The fungi will release reproductive spores through the vents and these will enter and compromise the living spaces. The growth of mould will only occur when the conditions in the ducts are moist. You can visually inspect the accessible parts of the duct if you are familiar with the appearance and smell of mould. You should also consider asking your AC maintenance technician to assess the conditions. If there is significant mould growth on the inside surfaces, you should consider engaging cleaning services. If the insulation covering the duct work is affected, replacement of the layer is prudent because it cannot be effectively cleaned. Excess Dust & Debris The filters are responsible for eliminating dust and debris from the air before it is released in the living space. The effects of the minute amounts of dust which may bypass the filter are typically negligible. However, air duct cleaning is necessary when these contaminants are noticeable. You should check for release of pet hair, dust and other types of debris from the supply registers of the system even after vacuuming. It is also recommended to carry out thorough duct cleaning after home renovations. This is especially important after lead pain and asbestos removal or other tasks that generate a lot of dust. Vermin Infestation The ducts can provide a comfortable home to insects and even rodents like mice and rats. These animals contribute to release of fur into the AC system and their faecal material may carry diseases. If there is indication of the presence of pest infestation, you should engage an expert to remove the creatures and clean out the...

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Some Unusual Uses for Used Shipping Containers

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In an effort to reclaim and use used shipping containers, many weird and wonderful ideas have been thought of to transform the containers into something else, giving them a new lease of life and usefulness. Many countries around the world have large amounts of shipping containers that they can’t use anymore, so it is fashionable, in some places, to find alternative uses for them. This article looks at some unusual ways that shipping containers have been recycled, and are now used in a completely different way to what they were intended for. Swimming Pools Due to their size and depth, used shipping containers make excellent swimming pools for kids. With a little work, such as placing material around the inside edges of the container or finding and fixing any small holes, a used shipping container can be turned onto its side and filled with water. There is enough room inside for several children to play in the water. Play Area If you don’t fancy adding water to the container to create a pool, the kids can still benefit from a used shipping container. The container can be turned into a play area for children; all that is needed is a little imagination and work. Gang huts and dens can be created, and things such as ball pits or sand pits can be put inside the container, keeping them out of the reach of the rain. Obstacle Course This is a great idea for bigger kids and young adults. Used shipping containers can be placed in the forest or other similar area, and an obstacle course can be created from them. Things such as a climbing frame can be made, and superb courses for free runners can also be made using the containers. Workshop This is excellent for a person who likes to spend time on DIY projects, but wants to keep them and their tools dry, and be situated a little way away from their property. Workbenches can be made for working on inside the container, and all tools and equipment can be hung on the walls. Nursery With a little conversion work, a used shipping container can be transformed into a place to start off flowers and plants; the natural heat that builds up inside a container is beneficial to growing some of the more unusual varieties. With their length and width, the container can house many plants, and can really help to get a garden going. In most cases, it is only the imagination that limits what a used shipping container (like those from Betta Storage Containers) can be reused...

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What Are the Benefits Of Portable Buildings?

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Portable buildings are working space like offices, stores or homes that are built to be moved from one location to another, rather than being fixed permanently in one location. Portable buildings offer you many advantages. This article discusses some of them. Shorter Construction Time Portable buildings take a very short time to construct since they are made from prefabricated materials like steel sheets. The portable building is designed and manufactured in a factory, then carried to your site by a flatbed truck. Thus, your portable building will be ready for use in a very short time (such as one week). Lower Cost A portable building is more affordable than a traditionally built building. This is because the portable building requires less labor since most of the work is mechanized. Additionally, no foundation has to be dug so that cost is also avoided. These cost savings translate into a more affordable price for acquiring that portable building. Less Environmental Damage No earth has to be moved (in the same way that a deep foundation has to be dug during traditional building construction) when setting up a portable home. Fewer trucks are needed to ferry materials as compared to the numerous trucks that are needed to ferry construction materials if you were to put a building in the traditional way. The assembly of a portable building is well planned so there is minimal wastage of materials during the manufacturing process. All these efficiencies leave a very small carbon footprint on the environment and that is why portable buildings are the first choice for environmental enthusiasts. Versatility Portable buildings are very versatile. For instance, you can use the building as a storage space for your construction materials then a few months later convert it into offices. All you have to do is to alter the ventilation and partition the building into the segments you want. This versatility has made portable buildings very popular since they can be moved from one location to another to serve those different purposes. Gone are the days when temporary buildings were ugly contraptions that condemned users to sweltering heat and the blistering cold (depending on the time of the year). Today, portable buildings are state-of-the-art structures that are manufactured to the highest standards of user-comfort and energy efficiency. The fact that they can be stacked one on top of the other makes them very economical in terms of space. You should therefore have no fear about acquiring a portable building if you require usable space for a short time or you have a limited budget.  For more information, contact a company like Go Hire The Event...

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Things an Environmental Consultant Can Offer Your Business

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If you’re a property developer, an investor in construction projects or a land planner, you may find that on certain projects you need the services of an environmental consulting firm. These professionals are trained in disciplines such as ecology, surveying and environmental science, and they can offer you some valuable services to help bring your construction projects to fruition. They Can Evaluate Air Quality — Environmental consultants are trained to measure the existing air quality of an area for development, then assess what impact your construction would have on that air quality. They can also help you develop air quality standards to reduce the emission of harmful gases into the ozone This is especially important if you’re building manufacturing facilities as your process may generate carbon dioxide and other emissions that are regulated by the National Environmental Protection Council. They Can Help You Develop a Carbon Management System — With the heavy emphasis on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and having businesses become more ‘green,’ environmental consultants can help your company develop a carbon management system with the goal of cutting your carbon footprint. They do this by evaluating where your carbon emissions are the highest and identifying ways to reduce those emissions. They may make suggestions such as installing dimmers on all your lighting, so that when it’s night, you expend less energy and carbon. They may also identify air leaks in the ductwork of your facilities, which costs you money and releases unused energy into the air. They Can Create Environmental Impact Reports — One of the most important things an environmental consulting firm can do for you is to generate an environmental impact report for your proposed development. These are thorough reports that assess the level of impact your construction will have on not just air quality, but water quality and the actual landscape, including any natural habitats frequented by wildlife. Environmental impact reports may sometimes be the difference between a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when it comes to council approval on a proposed development project. Most impact reports include the potential negative effects a development would have on the animals in the area, the effects the development may have on historic or heritage-designated sites and the effects the development would have on the economy of the local area. For example, if you’re building a shopping center, then an environmental consultant may determine that your development will add value to the local economy through the creation of hundreds of new jobs. For more information, contact Geotech Testing Pty...

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2 Services You Can Get From a Timber Supply Store

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If you are just entering the do-it-yourself space, and you are working primarily with timber surfaces around your home, then you will need the services of a timber supply company. And as this is your entry into the DIY space, you may not know the types of products and services this type of store can offer you. So with that in mind, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you visit a timber supply store. Flooring — One of the main DIY projects that many people undertake is installing a timber floor, or stripping an existing timber floor and laying down a new finish. A timber supply store can help you with both of these projects. Timber flooring can enhance the visual appeal of your rooms, but there are a number of options when it comes to the type of timber you can buy. Timber supply stores offer choices such as pine, hardwood, cypress, walnut and mahogany. You can also buy what is known as untreated timber, which has not been treated with any kind of preservative chemicals and retains a more natural and rustic appearance. As a beginning DIY enthusiast, you’re better off buying lock and fold timber flooring, which slides and locks into place without you having to use glue, nails or staples, which can be challenging if you don’t have prior experience. Timber supply stores also sell sandpaper and rent wood buffing machines that you will need in order to remove the old finish from an existing timber floor in preparation to lay down a new finish. Fencing — Another popular DIY project with timber is erecting a timber fence, or replacing one that is worn down. Timber supply stores can offer you timber fence styles such as the classic picket fence, a privacy fence and a split-rail timber fence. Picket fences have a distinct appearance, with vertical pickets that are joined together by horizontal boards, with space between each picket. They are usually more decorative than protective because the pickets aren’t very tall, and everyone can see into your yard. Privacy timber fences are taller and more sturdy and have no openings between the vertical boards, so they give you more privacy and protection. Split-rail timber fences feature timber posts and a trio of horizontal boards. They have a very rustic appearance, and are ideal if you live in the country or on a farm. Timber supply stores will not only sell you the timber for your fence, but aslo they will supply you with palings, rails, gate frames and nails to facilitate your fence-building project. For more information, contact a business such as Freds Lagoon...

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Common Types of Mowers For First Time Buyers

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If you’ve moved to a new home that has a lawn that you have to mow yourself, or you’ve decided to save money by firing your gardener, and must now cut the grass on your own, you will need to invest in a reliable lawn mower. And as this is your first foray into the world of DIY landscaping, you probably need help figuring out what’s out there. So here’s a quick breakdown of common types of mowers you can buy. Manual Mower — It’s hard to believe, but there are still manual, or push mowers that don’t run off an engine, and therefore don’t pollute the air. They also don’t consume any electricity and they are not noisy, so you can get up at dawn and mow your lawn without disturbing your neighbors. Manual mowers work off a battery-sourced motor that spins when you push the handle. The disadvantage with this type of mower is that it’s ineffective on thick grass because the blades aren’t that sharp or big, and the force you apply isn’t typically enough to cut anything other than short grass. These mowers are ideal if you want something inexpensive for a small lawn that doesn’t grow very much. Electric Mower — This is probably the mower you’ve seen when you drive by a house and observe landscapers at work. It’s a traditional mower that you plug into an outlet, and it runs off an electric motor and starts up when you yank a cord, though many models also offer a ‘push start’ option. Unlike manual mowers, electric motors come with a rear bag or a side bag to catch the grass clippings and debris that you cut. Higher-end electric mowers also offer mulching, in which the grass you cut is mixed back into the soil to provide nutrients for the new growth. Some electric mowers are cordless, but these models are more expensive than the traditional electric mowers that you plug into an outlet. Electric mowers are ideal for nearly all kinds of lawns, from short-bladed grass to thick-bladed grass, and you can adjust the blades to cut lower or higher depending on the kind of lawn you have. Zero Turn Mower — If you own a very large lawn or field, then a zero-turn mower may be right for you. This is a type of mower that you ride, but unlike traditional ride-on mowers, a zero turn mower lets you control each rear wheel independent of the other, which gives you the ability to turn 360-degrees. Zero turn mowers make it easy for you to mow around trees and other obstacles that most lawn mowers can’t reach. They come equipped with twin blades, and you can buy a rear attachment to collect grass clippings. You also have the option of buying a sprayer attachment to spread fertilizer or pesticide on your lawn. Zero turn mowers are more expensive than electric mowers, sometimes into the thousands of dollars, but if you have a large field or lawn, the investment may be worth it, because these mowers cut quickly and efficiently. For more information, contact Hinterland...

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New Vinyl Flooring: Style, Performance and Low Maintenance Combined

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Vinyl flooring has undergone a transformation in recent years. It is now a highly stylish, affordable and easy to maintain flooring option due to significant advances in performance and design. Advanced photographic technologies mean designers can accurately replicate the look of stone or timber in the finished product. The project is perfectly suited to all rooms within the home, no matter the scale or traffic requirements. What types of vinyl flooring are available and how easy are they to maintain? Different Vinyl Flooring Styles. Sheet vinyls come in large rolls and a variety of different patterns. They are easy to install due to the uniformity of the pattern design and the size of the sheet. You will often see them in commercial areas, where owners are looking for a cost effective solution and the look and feel of a tiled surface. If you want to replicate the look of wood or hard flooring, you can choose plank vinyls. These come in a range of different finishes and are known for their durability. A specific coating like satin urethane will help to prevent scratches and dirt accumulation in high traffic areas. The vinyl tiles have the advantage of being relatively easy to remove and replace individually if they are damaged. They’re also very suitable for high traffic areas as they are resistant to abrasion and impact damage. The tiles can be selected to replicate the look of terrazo, stone, wood or concrete. If you have the eye of a designer, these tiles can be cut and assembled into a wide variety of different patterns. How Should You Look After Your Vinyl Floors? Don’t be tempted to use high-powered detergents or abrasive cleaners, as these could leave a film that will be difficult to remove. Use solvent based polishes. Don’t be tempted to use vacuums that have abrasive scrubbing tools attached. Just wash the floor occasionally with a ceramic floor cleaner designed for vinyl and wipe up any spills as quickly as you can. General Tips to Help With Longevity Always remember to use common sense when moving furniture or other heavy items, and give some protection from everyday use. For example, if you have to move any furniture across the surface, put some plywood panels down first and don’t drag anything along the surface. You can get special floor protectors to put on the feet of furniture, such as large and heavy couches. This will protect from indentation. Try not to place anything with rolling casters on the surface, such as a typical office executive chair. The action can damage the floor. Finally, use a wool rug or a vinyl backed mat at entrance points where people typically wipe their feet. Note that conventional rubber backed mats are not a good selection because there could be a chemical reaction between the backing and vinyl, which could cause a permanent...

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