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How to Choose the Perfect Pressure Washer for Your Home

Pressure washers make quick work of cleaning outdoor surfaces and even items like tools or your car. They’re a standard piece of equipment for many homeowners and something you might consider buying along with a new home. However, there are many different types of pressure washers on the market, and you don’t want to get one that offers more power than you need but also don’t want one that is slow and cumbersome. Note a few tips for choosing the perfect pressure washer for your home.

Note what you’ll be cleaning

If you just want a pressure washer for your car and to quickly clean off the driveway and walkways after cutting the lawn, a consumer pressure washer can be sufficient. These have limited power, which can actually be good for washing the car or the windows of upper stories of your home, as you’re less likely to shatter any glass or chip any paint with this limited power. However, for cleaning mold and mildew from wood decks or grease from tools, you’ll want to upgrade to a semi-pro model, which is not as powerful as a commercial high pressure washer but which offers more power than a standard consumer brand. You’ll need that extra power to actually wash away grime and stubborn mold that clings to wood surfaces.

Note the time it takes to clean

A quick carwash or cleaning of your driveway may not be a time-consuming job, but if you want to clean the entire side of your home, a large deck, or any other big areas, you want to note the gallons per minute of a pressure washer. The GPM or gallons per minute tells you how much water spray you get at one time; the higher the GPM, the more water the hose will spray at once and you can clean a larger surface in less time. If you’ve ever used a lightweight pressure washer before and it seemed to take forever to tackle your work, upgrade to a larger GPM model.

Hot versus cold

Not all pressure washers will heat up the water they spray, so note if you need a heated model. This is good for removing grease that needs to be melted, but consider that pressure washers that work with hot water can be more dangerous to use. They’re also usually more expensive. If you’re just washing your car or aluminum siding, you may want to forego a hot water model just for the sake of safety and cost savings.