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Implementing a new ordering system

With many businesses trying to cut costs, it can be good to find new ways to meet your customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. Online ordering is extremely popular with clients and businesses as it reduces the need for sales and customer service staff while providing an opportunity for the customer to order whenever they want. Here are some tips to help you transition your business to online ordering. 

Understand the technology

Implementing the right technology is not just a matter of choosing the cheapest software package. Your sales software needs to integrate seamlessly into your current stock/inventory system so that people cannot order items that are not yet available. Staff also need to be able to use it to generate picking slips and to check stock levels. Finally, it also needs to be very reliable or it will cause frustration internally and externally. 

If you do not have the necessary in-house IT expertise, it can be hard to evaluate the pros and cons of each system, so it is a great idea to engage an IT management consultant to help you choose the best system and train your staff and customers in the new systems. 

Document the procedures

It is often a good idea to have a tutorial on your website and some written procedures for staff to follow. This way they don’t need to rely on their memory of training sessions and can refer to the same procedures to get a consistent process implemented in your business. 

Redeploy staff

You may need less customer service staff with an improved ordering system. It is a good idea to try and redeploy some of the more talented people in your organisation into other roles such as warehouse and picking staff. Over time, you may find that business increases to such a level that you need more staff in other areas. If you need to lay off staff it can often be useful to bring in management consultants to help with the process of redundancies and reorganising your business. Having support during this time can help you to focus on running your business as well as helping the remaining staff to remain focused and productive. 

If you are looking to implement a new ordering system in your business it’s a good idea to get some extra support for your business by contracting in some extra management consultants with special skills and knowledge.