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Getting Familiar with Glass Pool Fencing

Over the years, glass pool fencing has steadily increased in popularity in Australian homes. Not only does this type of fencing offer you the required safety as well as security to prevent drowning incidences in your pool, but it is also one of the most aesthetically appealing options that you could consider. Due to the unobstructed visibility to the pool area, it gives the illusion of larger space on your property, and this can also work toward increasing the resale value of your home. However, some homeowners may not know much about this pool fencing and may have reservations about it simply due to it being made out glass. Here are some of the frequently asked questions people have regarding glass pool fencing and their answers.

Is glass pool fencing strong?

It should be noted that glass pool fencing is not constructed from regular glass. Instead, the contractors use toughened glass that has a thicker width than conventional glass. This not only works toward decreasing the chances of the glass breaking due to high impact, but in the event it does, it will not shatter into tiny little pieces. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will not be dealing with broken shards of glass in close proximity to your pool area.

Are the gates of glass pool fences safe?

Gates used for glass pool fencing are designed with keeping both children as well as pets safe. For one, the hinges installed on the gates are typically self-closing. This ensures that your fence’s gate will never be accidentally left open, leaving room for kids and pets to wander into the pool area unattended. Secondly, the latch positioning on the gate ensures that it is out of reach to children, thus hindering their access to the pool on their own. Lastly, the smooth surface of the fence’s walls prohibits any climbing, as there are no footholds to be used.

What type of surface can the glass pool fencing be installed on?

Your glass fencing can be installed anywhere you would like. Whether you have pre-existing pavers, tiles or more as your flooring, the contractors will find a way of attaching the fencing to them. If the surrounding area of your pool is purely grass lawns, then the contractors will apply concrete to form pads, then directly screw the glass fencing into them. Therefore, your type of flooring would not matter, as glass fencing is versatile. 

For more information about glass pool fencing, contact a local installation company.