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Embrace Computerized Key Cutting Technology to Ease Your Life and Improve the Safety of your Property

Ensuring maximum security and safety is a top priority to everyone given the prevalence of property crimes like theft. Locksmiths have heavily invested in computerized technology to provide high quality key cutting and repair services. Understanding how this technology works can increase your trust in locksmiths to provide key cutting services for you. Here are the three common computerized technology used by locksmiths today:

Electronic key cutting technology

The electronic key cutting technology has become very popular with locksmiths. The technology is embedded in simple machines that are able to cut more than one key by direct code or duplication. The machines are equipped with the latest key cutting technology to offer varied solutions for today’s key cutting needs. The machines are classic in design and are made with the best quality standards. This assures you of precise cutting of different key styles on just one cutting device. Other features include a removable touch-screen display that provides you with step by step instructions to make the key selection and position easier.

Computerized key cutting technology

This one uses computerized technology to read and duplicate original keys. This technology involves using a portable machine that features a graphic display with menu options for coding purposes.The machine uses laser readers to read original keys so that you can be able to make many duplicate copies at once. The machine is very simple to assemble and disassemble. The computerized system duplicates single or double sided cylinders and all vehicle keys. This electronic key cutting technology ensures maximum functionality, effectiveness and durability of the produced keys.

Transponder key cutting technology

This is one of the latest automotive key cutting software that enables key cutters to duplicate transponder keys for your car. The technology also enables you to generate new transponder keys to a vehicle in case the original keys have got lost or been stolen. The auto-smiths have the expertise and the needed equipment to program the transponder keys into your car’s computerized anti-theft system by using the coding system in your car’s computer.

Embracing computerized technology to strengthen your personal security and that of your belongings can be a great step forward. Locksmiths nowadays use key cutting systems that are too complex for an intruder to break. Given the fact that the older systems have proved to be weak and vulnerable to damage by burglars, using computerized technology ensures maximum safety and a peace of mind.