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Commercial Signage: Beneficial Properties Of Acrylic

Business signs are an important feature for any commercial entity. A well-designed business sign with a relevant message is bound to create a good first impression in the eyes of prospective clients.

With this in mind, there is great importance attached to the material used in the fabrication of commercial signs. Acrylic is among the most commonly used materials in the fabrication of business signs.

This article discusses various properties of acrylic, which make it a material of choice for commercial signage.


Acrylic is a highly moldable material. Moldability of a material refers to the ease or difficulty with which the material can be transformed into different shapes. Moldability of acrylic is a beneficial property in the sense that it allows for the fabrication of business signs in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes in accordance with the specific needs of a business entity. The use of acrylic brings for commercial signage brings the possibility of having custom-made business signs to reality.

Structural Strength

Acrylic is a plastic polymer. Plastic polymers are known for their commendable structural strength. This quality of acrylic is beneficial in commercial signage because it gives acrylic signs their high impact resistance. As such, business signs made of acrylic are not likely to break as a result of exposure to sudden impact such as that which would be created in the event that sign fell. As such, acrylic signs are considered to be among the most durable. Additionally, high impact resistance means that acrylic signs will not shatter like their glass counterparts in the event of a fall. Acrylic is therefore considered a safe commercial signage material, hence the wide use of acrylic signs in child-centered areas of business.

Glossy Appearance

Acrylic business signs are fabricated with an outer protective layer that gives these signs their final glossy appearance. This appearance is good for aesthetics. More importantly however, the glossy finish on acrylic business signs helps to enhance the visibility of these signs, regardless of where they’re installed around a commercial entity.

Enhanced visibility is an important benefit because business signs that are not easily noticeable are of little benefit to a business entity.

In conclusion, the production of acrylic is a relatively-low cost activity. This translates to greater affordability of acrylic business signs. The above-mentioned properties, coupled with the fact that acrylic signs are affordable should be reason enough for a business entity to disregard other materials commonly used for commercial signage. For more information, contact companies like Landells Signs.