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Pre-Recorded Job Interviews: 5 Mistakes Candidates Make

Posted by on Oct 28, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Pre-Recorded Job Interviews: 5 Mistakes Candidates Make

Employers are increasingly turning to new ways of interviewing candidates in an attempt to save time and money. Some recruiters now ask candidates to pre-record the answers to a set series of questions. Without the need to connect with an interviewer, candidates can prepare and record responses in their own time, but it’s important to make sure the finished product is of a high standard. Make sure your pre-recorded interview hits the mark, and avoid the following mistakes other candidates make. Wacky behaviour In an apparent attempt to stand out from the crowd, some candidates think it’s a good idea to get creative with their recorded interviews. In fact, the usual rules of an interview nearly always apply, so you should still dress in interview attire and film the interview in professional surroundings. Recording your responses on a smartphone...

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Simple Care Guidelines for New Roll-On Lawns

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Simple Care Guidelines for New Roll-On Lawns

Natural turf is ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of residential property. Moreover, the material will provide a comfortable surface for playing and resting. Ideally, you can grow grass on your compound using simple seeds. However, the task is difficult for regular homeowners, and the lawn might not be neat if grown by an amateur. You can get a beautiful lawn without the gruesome work by purchasing and installing a roll-on lawn. Basically, the grass is grown by experts and delivered as turf rolls by companies like Westland Turf. You will get an instantaneous beautiful lawn and the grass will become established on your ground permanently. If you want to install this lawn, you will need to perform maintenance to ensure that the turf thrives. Here are some simple care guidelines for a new roll-on lawn. Watering The new...

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