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Commercial Architects | 3 Winning Strategies to Design the Perfect Office

Running an entrepreneurial enterprise is a challenging task, but you love your small business and you’ll do everything in your power to ensure its success –– and that includes the office design you choose. Working with trusted office architects will help you get an understanding of the different elements required for planning offices, while enabling you to plan a space that’s exactly what you desire. You’ll also need to create a space that meets the needs and expectations of your employees to ensure a happy workforce. Use your office layout as a tool to encourage enhanced productivity and engagement by following these winning strategies.

Customise Spaces for Different Departments 

You’ll want to customise spaces to cater to the various departments sitting in them. For example, your financial team will be dealing with number-sensitive data, so you’ll want to offer them personal offices. Your sales team can be placed in a separate enclosure, because their role expects them to make several phone calls a day and you don’t want that to interfere with the rest of your office work. More collaborative teams like marketing and operations personnel can be placed in open desks to encourage combined interaction. Discuss the job functions of your office with the architects to get a better understanding of how to customise spaces.

Take Advantage of the Power of Clear Glass

Glass has an uncanny ability to invite natural light, while opening up spaces beautifully. Offering unblocked views and a sense of uncrowded space, glass is a key material that works well in most offices. By helping to open up the office, it creates uncluttered spaces for creativity and innovation. You can use glass to create multiple areas around your office –– windows, desk separators, doors, conference rooms, tabletops, partition walls and benches. If you want added privacy for certain areas, you can use frosted and decorative glass instead of clear glass.

Let Form and Function Blend Together

When planning the office layout with your office architects, you can easily combine form and function together to create a smart office design that resonates with the needs of your employees. For example, you can create interactive glass or whiteboard walls that can be written on to inspire ideas in others by creating interactions between different departments. You can also plan multiple collaboration areas to allow teams from different departments to socialise and brainstorm with each other. These ideas will not only make your office look visually appealing, but they also foster creativity. Don’t forget to ask your employees about what they need to help their work –– don’t always assume that you’re the one with the answers.

Work with your office architects closely to design the perfect office that your employees are delighted with.  For more information, contact a company like BPSM Architects.