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Save Money on Portable Toilet Hire With These Five Essential Tips

If you are renting portaloos for a large event, there are ways to save money both on their cost and on possible related expenses. If you want to keep your event budget under control but also have a spot for your attendees to do their business, here are some helpful money-saving tips:

1. Ask for a bulk discount

When trying to decide how many portaloos to book, keep in mind that you may be able to get a bulk discount. Talk with your portable toilet representative about ordering a few extra toilets to garner a bulk discount.

2. Book an ample number of portaloos

Even if you cannot get a bulk discount, you should still make sure that you order an ample number of toilets. If you have never planned a large event before, your portaloo sales representative can help you determine how many toilets you need based on your projected attendance and the length of time of your event.

By booking an ample number of portaloos, you avoid accidents and unnecessary messes from attendees who can’t make it to the toilets. You also inherently make your event more successful and thus indirectly more profitable.

Imagine that if you don’t have enough portaloos, people have to spend too much time in line waiting for them, and ultimately, that can lose you money as these people are not standing in vendors lines or buying food. Ultimately, if your loo lines are too long, your attendees may not even want to return to your event next year.

3. Make sure the portaloos are disability-friendly

Even though the toilets for your event are only temporary, they still have to meet national requirements for disability access. Booking portable toilets that meet the needs of the disabled doesn’t directly save you cash, but it can protect you from potential lawsuits, saving you money in the long run.

4. Offer to clean the portaloos yourself

In most cases, there are a number of different fees associated with hiring a portaloo. Talk with the rental company and see what the different fees are. In many cases, you may be able to save money by not paying for certain services and taking care of those things yourself.

For example, instead of paying the portaloo company to send cleaners over to service the toilets, consider doing it yourself. That can help to save cash.

5. Pay in advance

The portaloo industry, like many other industries, may offer discounts if you pay for the service upfront and in cash. When booking your portable toilets, simply ask if this type of discount is available.

For more tips, contact portable toilet hire companies.