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AC Maintenance: When to Clean the Air Ducts

The air conditioning system requires regular maintenance to improve performance and to limit unwarranted energy consumption. Unfortunately, the ductwork in central air conditioners is rarely considered during servicing sessions since the components are concealed. It is important to remember that the ducts are responsible for supplying cool and even warm air so damage and dirt will compromise the air quality.

Duct cleaning refers to the process in which the dirt, dust and other foreign substances are eliminated from the building’s ductwork. You can carry out the cleaning tasks without professional assistance but it is advisable to engage an AC cleaning company like AIRCON BY DESIGN. You will get better results and minimise the risk of injury during the task. Here are the main signs that indicate that your air conditioning ductwork needs cleaning.

Mould Growth

The presence of mould in the air ducts is detrimental to the indoor air quality and even respiratory health. The fungi will release reproductive spores through the vents and these will enter and compromise the living spaces. The growth of mould will only occur when the conditions in the ducts are moist. You can visually inspect the accessible parts of the duct if you are familiar with the appearance and smell of mould.

You should also consider asking your AC maintenance technician to assess the conditions. If there is significant mould growth on the inside surfaces, you should consider engaging cleaning services. If the insulation covering the duct work is affected, replacement of the layer is prudent because it cannot be effectively cleaned.

Excess Dust & Debris

The filters are responsible for eliminating dust and debris from the air before it is released in the living space. The effects of the minute amounts of dust which may bypass the filter are typically negligible. However, air duct cleaning is necessary when these contaminants are noticeable. You should check for release of pet hair, dust and other types of debris from the supply registers of the system even after vacuuming.

It is also recommended to carry out thorough duct cleaning after home renovations. This is especially important after lead pain and asbestos removal or other tasks that generate a lot of dust.

Vermin Infestation

The ducts can provide a comfortable home to insects and even rodents like mice and rats. These animals contribute to release of fur into the AC system and their faecal material may carry diseases. If there is indication of the presence of pest infestation, you should engage an expert to remove the creatures and clean out the ductwork.