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Some Unusual Uses for Used Shipping Containers

In an effort to reclaim and use used shipping containers, many weird and wonderful ideas have been thought of to transform the containers into something else, giving them a new lease of life and usefulness. Many countries around the world have large amounts of shipping containers that they can’t use anymore, so it is fashionable, in some places, to find alternative uses for them. This article looks at some unusual ways that shipping containers have been recycled, and are now used in a completely different way to what they were intended for.

Swimming Pools

Due to their size and depth, used shipping containers make excellent swimming pools for kids. With a little work, such as placing material around the inside edges of the container or finding and fixing any small holes, a used shipping container can be turned onto its side and filled with water. There is enough room inside for several children to play in the water.

Play Area

If you don’t fancy adding water to the container to create a pool, the kids can still benefit from a used shipping container. The container can be turned into a play area for children; all that is needed is a little imagination and work. Gang huts and dens can be created, and things such as ball pits or sand pits can be put inside the container, keeping them out of the reach of the rain.

Obstacle Course

This is a great idea for bigger kids and young adults. Used shipping containers can be placed in the forest or other similar area, and an obstacle course can be created from them. Things such as a climbing frame can be made, and superb courses for free runners can also be made using the containers.


This is excellent for a person who likes to spend time on DIY projects, but wants to keep them and their tools dry, and be situated a little way away from their property. Workbenches can be made for working on inside the container, and all tools and equipment can be hung on the walls.


With a little conversion work, a used shipping container can be transformed into a place to start off flowers and plants; the natural heat that builds up inside a container is beneficial to growing some of the more unusual varieties. With their length and width, the container can house many plants, and can really help to get a garden going.

In most cases, it is only the imagination that limits what a used shipping container (like those from Betta Storage Containers) can be reused for.

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