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Things an Environmental Consultant Can Offer Your Business

If you’re a property developer, an investor in construction projects or a land planner, you may find that on certain projects you need the services of an environmental consulting firm. These professionals are trained in disciplines such as ecology, surveying and environmental science, and they can offer you some valuable services to help bring your construction projects to fruition.

They Can Evaluate Air Quality — Environmental consultants are trained to measure the existing air quality of an area for development, then assess what impact your construction would have on that air quality. They can also help you develop air quality standards to reduce the emission of harmful gases into the ozone This is especially important if you’re building manufacturing facilities as your process may generate carbon dioxide and other emissions that are regulated by the National Environmental Protection Council.

They Can Help You Develop a Carbon Management System — With the heavy emphasis on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and having businesses become more ‘green,’ environmental consultants can help your company develop a carbon management system with the goal of cutting your carbon footprint. They do this by evaluating where your carbon emissions are the highest and identifying ways to reduce those emissions. They may make suggestions such as installing dimmers on all your lighting, so that when it’s night, you expend less energy and carbon. They may also identify air leaks in the ductwork of your facilities, which costs you money and releases unused energy into the air.

They Can Create Environmental Impact Reports — One of the most important things an environmental consulting firm can do for you is to generate an environmental impact report for your proposed development. These are thorough reports that assess the level of impact your construction will have on not just air quality, but water quality and the actual landscape, including any natural habitats frequented by wildlife. Environmental impact reports may sometimes be the difference between a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ when it comes to council approval on a proposed development project. Most impact reports include the potential negative effects a development would have on the animals in the area, the effects the development may have on historic or heritage-designated sites and the effects the development would have on the economy of the local area. For example, if you’re building a shopping center, then an environmental consultant may determine that your development will add value to the local economy through the creation of hundreds of new jobs.

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