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2 Services You Can Get From a Timber Supply Store

If you are just entering the do-it-yourself space, and you are working primarily with timber surfaces around your home, then you will need the services of a timber supply company. And as this is your entry into the DIY space, you may not know the types of products and services this type of store can offer you. So with that in mind, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect when you visit a timber supply store.

Flooring — One of the main DIY projects that many people undertake is installing a timber floor, or stripping an existing timber floor and laying down a new finish. A timber supply store can help you with both of these projects. Timber flooring can enhance the visual appeal of your rooms, but there are a number of options when it comes to the type of timber you can buy.

Timber supply stores offer choices such as pine, hardwood, cypress, walnut and mahogany. You can also buy what is known as untreated timber, which has not been treated with any kind of preservative chemicals and retains a more natural and rustic appearance.

As a beginning DIY enthusiast, you’re better off buying lock and fold timber flooring, which slides and locks into place without you having to use glue, nails or staples, which can be challenging if you don’t have prior experience. Timber supply stores also sell sandpaper and rent wood buffing machines that you will need in order to remove the old finish from an existing timber floor in preparation to lay down a new finish.

Fencing — Another popular DIY project with timber is erecting a timber fence, or replacing one that is worn down. Timber supply stores can offer you timber fence styles such as the classic picket fence, a privacy fence and a split-rail timber fence.

Picket fences have a distinct appearance, with vertical pickets that are joined together by horizontal boards, with space between each picket. They are usually more decorative than protective because the pickets aren’t very tall, and everyone can see into your yard. Privacy timber fences are taller and more sturdy and have no openings between the vertical boards, so they give you more privacy and protection. Split-rail timber fences feature timber posts and a trio of horizontal boards. They have a very rustic appearance, and are ideal if you live in the country or on a farm.

Timber supply stores will not only sell you the timber for your fence, but aslo they will supply you with palings, rails, gate frames and nails to facilitate your fence-building project. For more information, contact a business such as Freds Lagoon Hardware.

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