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Common Types of Mowers For First Time Buyers

If you’ve moved to a new home that has a lawn that you have to mow yourself, or you’ve decided to save money by firing your gardener, and must now cut the grass on your own, you will need to invest in a reliable lawn mower. And as this is your first foray into the world of DIY landscaping, you probably need help figuring out what’s out there. So here’s a quick breakdown of common types of mowers you can buy.

Manual Mower — It’s hard to believe, but there are still manual, or push mowers that don’t run off an engine, and therefore don’t pollute the air. They also don’t consume any electricity and they are not noisy, so you can get up at dawn and mow your lawn without disturbing your neighbors. Manual mowers work off a battery-sourced motor that spins when you push the handle. The disadvantage with this type of mower is that it’s ineffective on thick grass because the blades aren’t that sharp or big, and the force you apply isn’t typically enough to cut anything other than short grass. These mowers are ideal if you want something inexpensive for a small lawn that doesn’t grow very much.

Electric Mower — This is probably the mower you’ve seen when you drive by a house and observe landscapers at work. It’s a traditional mower that you plug into an outlet, and it runs off an electric motor and starts up when you yank a cord, though many models also offer a ‘push start’ option. Unlike manual mowers, electric motors come with a rear bag or a side bag to catch the grass clippings and debris that you cut. Higher-end electric mowers also offer mulching, in which the grass you cut is mixed back into the soil to provide nutrients for the new growth. Some electric mowers are cordless, but these models are more expensive than the traditional electric mowers that you plug into an outlet. Electric mowers are ideal for nearly all kinds of lawns, from short-bladed grass to thick-bladed grass, and you can adjust the blades to cut lower or higher depending on the kind of lawn you have.

Zero Turn Mower — If you own a very large lawn or field, then a zero-turn mower may be right for you. This is a type of mower that you ride, but unlike traditional ride-on mowers, a zero turn mower lets you control each rear wheel independent of the other, which gives you the ability to turn 360-degrees. Zero turn mowers make it easy for you to mow around trees and other obstacles that most lawn mowers can’t reach. They come equipped with twin blades, and you can buy a rear attachment to collect grass clippings. You also have the option of buying a sprayer attachment to spread fertilizer or pesticide on your lawn. Zero turn mowers are more expensive than electric mowers, sometimes into the thousands of dollars, but if you have a large field or lawn, the investment may be worth it, because these mowers cut quickly and efficiently.

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