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Five Timber Jewellery Ideas For Nature Lovers

Posted by on Feb 23, 2015 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

The uses of timber extend far beyond fencing and building materials. You can also use timber decoratively with small pieces like jewellery. If you love the look of wood jewellery, are allergic to metal or want more natural colours in your ensemble, here is a look at five fun types of timber jewelry: 1. Grassy Or Mossy Timber Ring If you love nature, you can always have it at hand with a grassy or mossy timber ring. Like many other timber rings, this type of ring features a thick, cool design that can be stained or painted as you wish. Along the top of the ring, a small carved out section holds preserved grass or moss. With this type of ring, you tell the world that rugged nature is just as beautiful as carefully cut diamonds.   2. Stackable...

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What a Whirlybird Ventilator Does & How It Works

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People who live in hot climates often have to find ways to complement their air conditioning to cool their property. It can be expensive running the unit for long periods of the day, and many property owners look for ways to complement the air conditioning system, and find other ways to cool their home. Many people consider installing a whirlybird to cool their property, but this notion is incorrect, as we shall see. Let’s look at how a whirlybird actually works, as well as the conditions that a property must adhere to in order to benefit from one. It Doesn’t Actively Cool Due to the physical look of the whirlybird, many people wrongly assume that it will create cool air. This is not the case at all. A whirlybird ventilator works by drawing up any hot air in the...

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Accessing A Dishwasher’s Water Pump For Repairs

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As with all types of machinery, a dishwasher is prone to developing faults over time. Due to the nature of the dishwasher’s main task, it can sometimes become easy for food and other debris to clog the water pump of the dishwasher. The water pump is housed underneath the sprayer arm and ensures that enough pressure is created to achieve a good clean. This article takes a look at how to access the water pump of the dishwasher, should a repair, service or replacement part be needed. Sprayer Arm Most dishwashers have a cap that holds the sprayer arm in place inside the machine. Snap the cap off with your hands, or use a flat headed screwdriver to help you. Once the cap is off, you will be able to remove the whole sprayer arm; have an area ready...

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