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How To Care For Newly-Laid Turf

Posted by on Aug 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Care For Newly-Laid Turf

Roll-on turf is the quickest and easiest way to get your lawn up to scratch, but it takes a little tender loving care in the first few weeks if you want to be sure that it will thrive. There are a handful of simple rules you should follow if you want to give your new grass the best head start you can–and you should stick to each of these rules for a period of three weeks after the grass has been laid. Don’t walk on it without a barrier–and don’t let your dog onto it either. During those three crucial weeks, it’s important to keep off your lawn as much as possible–and if you must cross it, lay a board to walk on and take it up again when you’re done. Walking on new turf can make permanent footprints in it and damage new roots before they’re established. It’s impossible to keep all pets off it, but your dogs shouldn’t be allowed on till those three weeks have passed!   Keep it as well watered as you possibly can. Unless you live somewhere that really does rain every day, a hosepipe and/or sprinkler system is essential to keep your lawn well enough watered. Even if you have had a rainy season, you should water shaded areas (such as bits of lawn underneath overhanging trees) by hand in case they’re not getting enough to drink. Make sure you do this at least every other day for the first few weeks and around weekly thereafter.   Don’t forget to keep the new grass properly fed, too! At least once during that initial period and then every two months after that, it’s important to give your lawn a good feeding. Use a specialised lawn fertiliser that doesn’t contain weedkillers or moss-killers, at least at first–these can be too harsh for new grass and can inhibit the lawn’s growth before it’s properly established.   Mow little and often rather than in big, infrequent bursts. You should never find yourself in a situation where you need to reduce the grass’s height by more than a quarter, and for that, you need to mow much more often than you might imagine. This is also the only time you can break the “don’t walk on new turf” rule–if it’s too inconvenient to mow from boards, just try to get the job done as efficiently as possible. You should mow your lawn about a week after it’s rolled out, and every fortnight thereafter during the summer months. For more information, contact a roll on lawn...

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How to Choose the Perfect Pressure Washer for Your Home

Posted by on Jul 29, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How to Choose the Perfect Pressure Washer for Your Home

Pressure washers make quick work of cleaning outdoor surfaces and even items like tools or your car. They’re a standard piece of equipment for many homeowners and something you might consider buying along with a new home. However, there are many different types of pressure washers on the market, and you don’t want to get one that offers more power than you need but also don’t want one that is slow and cumbersome. Note a few tips for choosing the perfect pressure washer for your home. Note what you’ll be cleaning If you just want a pressure washer for your car and to quickly clean off the driveway and walkways after cutting the lawn, a consumer pressure washer can be sufficient. These have limited power, which can actually be good for washing the car or the windows of upper stories of your home, as you’re less likely to shatter any glass or chip any paint with this limited power. However, for cleaning mold and mildew from wood decks or grease from tools, you’ll want to upgrade to a semi-pro model, which is not as powerful as a commercial high pressure washer but which offers more power than a standard consumer brand. You’ll need that extra power to actually wash away grime and stubborn mold that clings to wood surfaces. Note the time it takes to clean A quick carwash or cleaning of your driveway may not be a time-consuming job, but if you want to clean the entire side of your home, a large deck, or any other big areas, you want to note the gallons per minute of a pressure washer. The GPM or gallons per minute tells you how much water spray you get at one time; the higher the GPM, the more water the hose will spray at once and you can clean a larger surface in less time. If you’ve ever used a lightweight pressure washer before and it seemed to take forever to tackle your work, upgrade to a larger GPM model. Hot versus cold Not all pressure washers will heat up the water they spray, so note if you need a heated model. This is good for removing grease that needs to be melted, but consider that pressure washers that work with hot water can be more dangerous to use. They’re also usually more expensive. If you’re just washing your car or aluminum siding, you may want to forego a hot water model just for the sake of safety and cost...

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Common Effects of Cavitation in Water Pumps

Posted by on Jul 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Common Effects of Cavitation in Water Pumps

Cavitation refers to the formation of a cavity/space or bubbles within the water that is flowing through a water pump. Cavitation has many adverse effects on the water pump system. This article discusses some of those effects so that you will know when you have a problem. Increased Power Consumption Cavitation makes it very difficult for a water pump to function efficiently. This is because the bubbles reduce the rate at which water can flow through the pump. Consequently, the pump will start using more power as it struggles to overcome that impediment to the flow of water through the system. That increased power consumption will be reflected in higher monthly bills. Higher Maintenance Costs Cavitation forces the components of the water pump to work harder. This excess work accelerates the rate at which the different parts of the pump, such as the seals and the bearings, will wear out. You will therefore begin to notice that you have to replace different pump components more frequently than would have been necessary if the pump was operating without cavitation. You will also pay more money to pump service technicians due to the frequent pump failures caused by the breakdown of various components. Higher Noise Levels Another unwelcome effect of cavitation is the increased level of noise created as the water pump is operating. That higher noise pollution comes from a variety of factors. For instance, cavitation causes bubbles to collapse noisily when they are subjected to high pressure within the pump. Secondly, different components of the pump, such as the bolts anchoring it to the base where the pump was installed, will become loose and rattle as the pump is operating. This noise can be very inconveniencing if the water pump is installed close to your home. Reduced Flow Pressure Cavitation may also cause the flow pressure of the water from the pump to be low. This is particularly possible if the cavitation is resulting from a blockage on the discharge side of the pump. Consequently, the water from the pump may be unable to reach the elevated parts of your home, such as upstairs bathrooms. This can compel you to adjust the water use patterns of the members of your family. For instance, it may become difficult for several people to shower in different bathrooms at the same time since water flow may reduce to a trickle. Contact a pump technician if you suspect that cavitation is causing the changes that you observe in the performance of your water pump. That professional will study the design and flow path of the water from the pump in order to implement an appropriate...

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Follow These Tips When Marking Lines in Your Parking Lot

Posted by on Jun 8, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Follow These Tips When Marking Lines in Your Parking Lot

When the lines in your parking lot start to fade, it creates a danger to anyone parking there, since handicapped spaces are hard to see and lines between parking spaces are not as obvious. It is best to get these lines done with a fresh coat of paint before any incidents occur. Here are some tips for line marking if you decide to do it yourself. Make Preparations Beforehand You never want to rent a line marking machine then start using it right away. There are a number of preparations that need to be done first to get the asphalt lot ready for line marking. First of all, make sure the area is completely clean and clear of debris. No obstacles should be in the way of getting a straight, clean line, such as dust, debris, leaves, twigs, or tree branches. Clear the area and sweep the lot clean. Using a pressure washer is also a good way to ensure the area is clean and that the paint will stick properly. You might also want to repair cracks and holes before you begin, then seal the lot afterward so you start with a smooth surface. Use the Right Line Marking Equipment Since you are not a professional line marker, you may not have access to the same commercial equipment. However, it is still possible to choose high-quality marking equipment that gets the job done efficiently. When you have good equipment, the lines go on smoothly without incident. You will notice that the edges are cleaner and crisper than if you were to use cheap marking equipment. It not only ensures the parking lot lines are easy to see, but it helps to improve your curb appeal. A spray jet marking machine is a good option since the machine doesn’t actually touch the ground, which could cause it to rub against the paint and not leave a clean look. Take Your Time A common mistake made by people who are line marking for the first time is to rush through the project as quickly as possible. Make sure you are going as slow as you can, especially if this is the first time you have used a line marking machine. Going slow and steady will ensure you have straight lines in the right areas on the pavement. Choose a day when you don’t have other obligations so you don’t feel pressured to rush the job. Also, make sure the weather is nice, without wind, rain, or other issues. As you start marking lines on the pavement, make sure you pay attention to potential issues with the machine. For example, if there is an air leak, turn off the equipment and recharge it before continuing. If the paint seems to be getting stuck, try bleeding the paint line, then trying...

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Implementing a new ordering system

Posted by on May 12, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Implementing a new ordering system

With many businesses trying to cut costs, it can be good to find new ways to meet your customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. Online ordering is extremely popular with clients and businesses as it reduces the need for sales and customer service staff while providing an opportunity for the customer to order whenever they want. Here are some tips to help you transition your business to online ordering.  Understand the technology Implementing the right technology is not just a matter of choosing the cheapest software package. Your sales software needs to integrate seamlessly into your current stock/inventory system so that people cannot order items that are not yet available. Staff also need to be able to use it to generate picking slips and to check stock levels. Finally, it also needs to be very reliable or it will cause frustration internally and externally.  If you do not have the necessary in-house IT expertise, it can be hard to evaluate the pros and cons of each system, so it is a great idea to engage an IT management consultant to help you choose the best system and train your staff and customers in the new systems.  Document the procedures It is often a good idea to have a tutorial on your website and some written procedures for staff to follow. This way they don’t need to rely on their memory of training sessions and can refer to the same procedures to get a consistent process implemented in your business.  Redeploy staff You may need less customer service staff with an improved ordering system. It is a good idea to try and redeploy some of the more talented people in your organisation into other roles such as warehouse and picking staff. Over time, you may find that business increases to such a level that you need more staff in other areas. If you need to lay off staff it can often be useful to bring in management consultants to help with the process of redundancies and reorganising your business. Having support during this time can help you to focus on running your business as well as helping the remaining staff to remain focused and productive.  If you are looking to implement a new ordering system in your business it’s a good idea to get some extra support for your business by contracting in some extra management consultants with special skills and...

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The Advantages of Using a Town Planner Before Creating Any Urban Design

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on The Advantages of Using a Town Planner Before Creating Any Urban Design

Developers who buy up large plots of land for urban design and new shopping centers, office complexes, or subdivisions would do well to work with a town planner long before work begins. A town planner or urban planner is a specialist who works to create the best plan for land use and development of cities and commercial areas, and they take into account social trends, environmental factors, and the like. Note a few advantages of using a town planner before creating any urban design and what information they can share with you. 1. Pollution risks To develop a new subdivision or office complex, you may be considering clearing out all or most of the trees in the area so that construction is easier and faster, not having to work around the location of trees and other vegetation. However, a town planner can note the increased amount of pollution you might expect from all the new vehicle traffic your development will create, and how clearing all the trees will mean less chance to clean that pollution. You might be violating regulations about air cleanliness, or may want to reconsider your plans for clearing just so that the air is cleaner for occupants of the space. 2. Land values When considering a new development, you may be thinking of how much you would be able to earn from selling the houses or production facilities you build, but an urban planner can note how land values are affected by surrounding areas and factors you may not have considered. Being too far removed from main cities might decrease land value as occupants may not want to have a long commute, or this may mean occupants are far removed from grocery stores, restaurants, and the like. Working with an urban planner can mean a more realistic view of the land values and earnings you might expect after your development is completed. 3. Population trends Town planners are familiar with population trends in many areas so they can note how these would affect your development. For example, you might be considering building production and manufacturing facilities, but nearby population trends show that most residents are nearing retirement age and may not be interested in starting a new company or moving their current company to a new location. A younger population may prefer strip malls with trendy stores and cafes versus family restaurants. Population trends often affect the success of various developments, and a town planner (like thsoe at Michel Group Services) can work with you to make the best decision for your development based on these...

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Getting Familiar with Glass Pool Fencing

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Getting Familiar with Glass Pool Fencing

Over the years, glass pool fencing has steadily increased in popularity in Australian homes. Not only does this type of fencing offer you the required safety as well as security to prevent drowning incidences in your pool, but it is also one of the most aesthetically appealing options that you could consider. Due to the unobstructed visibility to the pool area, it gives the illusion of larger space on your property, and this can also work toward increasing the resale value of your home. However, some homeowners may not know much about this pool fencing and may have reservations about it simply due to it being made out glass. Here are some of the frequently asked questions people have regarding glass pool fencing and their answers. Is glass pool fencing strong? It should be noted that glass pool fencing is not constructed from regular glass. Instead, the contractors use toughened glass that has a thicker width than conventional glass. This not only works toward decreasing the chances of the glass breaking due to high impact, but in the event it does, it will not shatter into tiny little pieces. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will not be dealing with broken shards of glass in close proximity to your pool area. Are the gates of glass pool fences safe? Gates used for glass pool fencing are designed with keeping both children as well as pets safe. For one, the hinges installed on the gates are typically self-closing. This ensures that your fence’s gate will never be accidentally left open, leaving room for kids and pets to wander into the pool area unattended. Secondly, the latch positioning on the gate ensures that it is out of reach to children, thus hindering their access to the pool on their own. Lastly, the smooth surface of the fence’s walls prohibits any climbing, as there are no footholds to be used. What type of surface can the glass pool fencing be installed on? Your glass fencing can be installed anywhere you would like. Whether you have pre-existing pavers, tiles or more as your flooring, the contractors will find a way of attaching the fencing to them. If the surrounding area of your pool is purely grass lawns, then the contractors will apply concrete to form pads, then directly screw the glass fencing into them. Therefore, your type of flooring would not matter, as glass fencing is versatile.  For more information about glass pool fencing, contact a local installation...

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Embrace Computerized Key Cutting Technology to Ease Your Life and Improve the Safety of your Property

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Ensuring maximum security and safety is a top priority to everyone given the prevalence of property crimes like theft. Locksmiths have heavily invested in computerized technology to provide high quality key cutting and repair services. Understanding how this technology works can increase your trust in locksmiths to provide key cutting services for you. Here are the three common computerized technology used by locksmiths today: Electronic key cutting technology The electronic key cutting technology has become very popular with locksmiths. The technology is embedded in simple machines that are able to cut more than one key by direct code or duplication. The machines are equipped with the latest key cutting technology to offer varied solutions for today’s key cutting needs. The machines are classic in design and are made with the best quality standards. This assures you of precise cutting of different key styles on just one cutting device. Other features include a removable touch-screen display that provides you with step by step instructions to make the key selection and position easier. Computerized key cutting technology This one uses computerized technology to read and duplicate original keys. This technology involves using a portable machine that features a graphic display with menu options for coding purposes.The machine uses laser readers to read original keys so that you can be able to make many duplicate copies at once. The machine is very simple to assemble and disassemble. The computerized system duplicates single or double sided cylinders and all vehicle keys. This electronic key cutting technology ensures maximum functionality, effectiveness and durability of the produced keys. Transponder key cutting technology This is one of the latest automotive key cutting software that enables key cutters to duplicate transponder keys for your car. The technology also enables you to generate new transponder keys to a vehicle in case the original keys have got lost or been stolen. The auto-smiths have the expertise and the needed equipment to program the transponder keys into your car’s computerized anti-theft system by using the coding system in your car’s computer. Embracing computerized technology to strengthen your personal security and that of your belongings can be a great step forward. Locksmiths nowadays use key cutting systems that are too complex for an intruder to break. Given the fact that the older systems have proved to be weak and vulnerable to damage by burglars, using computerized technology ensures maximum safety and a peace of...

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Commercial Signage: Beneficial Properties Of Acrylic

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Business signs are an important feature for any commercial entity. A well-designed business sign with a relevant message is bound to create a good first impression in the eyes of prospective clients. With this in mind, there is great importance attached to the material used in the fabrication of commercial signs. Acrylic is among the most commonly used materials in the fabrication of business signs. This article discusses various properties of acrylic, which make it a material of choice for commercial signage. Moldability Acrylic is a highly moldable material. Moldability of a material refers to the ease or difficulty with which the material can be transformed into different shapes. Moldability of acrylic is a beneficial property in the sense that it allows for the fabrication of business signs in an unlimited number of shapes and sizes in accordance with the specific needs of a business entity. The use of acrylic brings for commercial signage brings the possibility of having custom-made business signs to reality. Structural Strength Acrylic is a plastic polymer. Plastic polymers are known for their commendable structural strength. This quality of acrylic is beneficial in commercial signage because it gives acrylic signs their high impact resistance. As such, business signs made of acrylic are not likely to break as a result of exposure to sudden impact such as that which would be created in the event that sign fell. As such, acrylic signs are considered to be among the most durable. Additionally, high impact resistance means that acrylic signs will not shatter like their glass counterparts in the event of a fall. Acrylic is therefore considered a safe commercial signage material, hence the wide use of acrylic signs in child-centered areas of business. Glossy Appearance Acrylic business signs are fabricated with an outer protective layer that gives these signs their final glossy appearance. This appearance is good for aesthetics. More importantly however, the glossy finish on acrylic business signs helps to enhance the visibility of these signs, regardless of where they’re installed around a commercial entity. Enhanced visibility is an important benefit because business signs that are not easily noticeable are of little benefit to a business entity. In conclusion, the production of acrylic is a relatively-low cost activity. This translates to greater affordability of acrylic business signs. The above-mentioned properties, coupled with the fact that acrylic signs are affordable should be reason enough for a business entity to disregard other materials commonly used for commercial signage. For more information, contact companies like Landells...

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Keep Your Keg in Check | Exclusive Glycol System Maintenance Tips

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Are you a night club owner? Then you understand how critical it is to maintain your keg in order to make maximum profits. Your antifreeze system should always be at its top performance to ensure your customers get that special chill from your beer. This article highlights some great ways to keep your glycol beer systems in check and have your clients coming back for more. Check the Glycol Freezing Point You should always make sure your antifreeze fluid is in good condition. For a start, you may want to find out the freezing point of the fluid and ensure it meets the manufacturer’s specifications. Access the glycol in its tank, then, using a hydrometer, check its freezing point. It should be lower than that of water. For great maintenance, you may want to do this at least twice a year. If it does not meet the glycol manufacturer’s recommendations, just order for a replacement. Check the Viscosity of the Glycol For the best chilling effect, the density of your glycol needs to meet the manufacturer’s requirements at all times. Therefore, you probably want to check your glycol viscosity regularly. Take a sample of the glycol from your tank and place it in a container. Find out what type of glycol it is if it isn’t indicated on the purchasing manual by calling your manufacturer. If it is ethylene glycol, use a hydrometer. However, if it is propylene glycol, you may want to measure using a refractometer. Your glycol should range between 20–25% in concentration. Adjust your Solution Ratio Usually, your antifreeze solution consists of water and glycol. Therefore, you need to ensure the ratio is just perfect for your glycol to perform effectively. For a start, always ascertain that the ratio of your antifreeze to water is well balanced. This is because too much glycol and too little water deteriorates the freezing effect. In most places, a 35% glycol solution is recommended for a round-year use. However, in extremely cold conditions, you may want to increase the proportion of your glycol slightly and, in extremely hot conditions, decrease it slightly. Use Beer Bump Gas Systems Gas systems play a major role in keeping your glycol cold. For great chilling effects, you may want to replace your ordinary gas compression system with a beer pump system. These systems are specialized to reduce gas working pressure and leakages for more effective cooling of the glycol. Moreover, it decreases gas consumption, enabling you to save on costs. If you’d prefer to have a professional take care of these tasks, get in touch with a glycol system maintenance provider in your...

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